Landlord - Tenant Management System in Kenya

Manage your tenants from anywhere. No maintenance costs, No IT skills required. We’ve got you covered.

Being a landlord can be a nightmare. Tenants will lie, Default to pay rent, Trash your units, and worst of all, call you up in the middle of the night to complain over problems they created themselves.

Here at Cyber Pro Kenya, we have developed the perfect landlord management system to help you manage your tenants easily. Our system is designed with the Kenyan landlord in mind and captures all the details you need to run your real estate business.

Our Landlord/Tenant Management system offers an interactive dashboard where you can view all your tenant records. These include Names, National ID numbers, Passport photos, Home location, Emergency contacts and so much more.

We have also integrated an invoicing module that generates receipts for your tenants whenever they pay rent. This will save you a lot of manual work and money involved in printing and delivering the receipts to your tenants.

If you have hired staff to manage your apartments (e.g caretakers or agents), you can also create accounts for them so they help you with the record keeping. You can also track their salaries through the system. As the administrator, you will have all the rights over your staff. Here is an overview of the Landlord/Tenant Management System.

For hostel owners, we’ve got you covered too. With our Landlord management system, you can assign multiple beds to every room and manage them separately. This is particularly helpful in tracking rent payments from each room occupied by students.

Our Landlord-Tenant Management system is an offline web-based property Management System tailored for hostels and apartments in Kenya. The system will allow you to manage rent, property expenses, staff payrolls and so much more at the convenience of your home.

Landlord-Tenant Management System Features

Your Tenants Are Building Your Wealth and They’re Buying You Assets That Will Create Income for the Rest of your Life. Our management system helps you manage your tenants better.
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